Are you always happy get in contact with someone that you haven’t spoken to since your primary school? Are you ready to challenge a friend for an online game? Do you want to have a family meeting without driving a mile?
Facebook Messenger is the app that simplifies your online communication and helps you to connect with almost anybody. It is among the top 4 social media apps for a reason! It allows you not only to communicate with your family and friends, but it can be a lot of fun too. Have you tried using some of the filters, emojis or stickers during your conversations? It is also a lots of fun!

Don’t want to have a Facebook account? No worries, you can still use Messenger even without creating one. It allows you to create an account only for Messenger.

And now, let´s have a look at something really cool. Did you know that is possible to replicate Messenger onto your Chromecast TV using an iPhone?

No? Then try the Replica app! Don’t bother looking at the small screen of your phone when you have a video call with your friends or when you want to play some cool online game. Enjoy the modern technology to the fullest… Use the Replica app!

As an iPhone Chromecast mirroring app, the Replica app makes it easier to duplicate your iPhone screen into your Chromecast device. It is a user-friendly app, which duplicates whatever content you have on your iOS screen to a TV effortlessly.Download Replica from the App Store free.

And don’t worry about your privacy. The Replica app only shares information but it does not collect any data.

Let’s have a look at how to use Replica to duplicate your iOS device screen to your TV with Chromecast.



Replica App is very easy to use in four (4) steps


Step 1: Download the App on your device from the App Store. Install and then hit the cast button

Step 2: Connect the App to your TV with Chromecast and ensure that the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network

Step 3: Start the Mirroring to replicate your iOS device screen

Step 4: Just relax and enjoy your FB messenger on your TV

Image credit: Tim Bennett from Unsplash

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